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Mark Kano

Walking On Broadway

Athenaeum front man Mark Kano steps out on his own with his first ever solo release, “Walking on Broadway.” Kano’s unmistakable voice is strong as ever, and his songwriting is just as sharp as it was 10 years ago when he was penning songs for his old band. The album has a very strong Athenaeum feel to it, which clearly was Kano’s intent, as he brought in Gavin Mackillop to mix the album who previously worked with Kano on Athenaeum’s debut album “Radiance.“ Many songs on the album, especially the title track, feel so much like Athenaeum that it almost feels like you are going back in time. In a time when so much of what is out there sounds exactly the same, a return of the Kano-Athenaeum sound is definitely not a bad thing. Songs like “Calling Saturn” and “Telling You I Love You” showcase just how sharp Kano’s skills as a lyricist still are, and tracks like “Sad Songs” showcase the southern rock flare that Athenaeum always had. Lyrically this album could be considered a bit more personal for Kano than his work with Athenaeum, especially on the closing ballad “Baby, I’m Your Man.” Overall, Kano may not have crafted an album this sound distinctly different than his previous work, but that doesn’t in any way make this album disappointing, instead it’s a lasting reminder of the unique songwriting style and melodic sound that only Kano can create.


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