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Not Without a Fight

After a weird break between albums that saw New Found Glory release a hardcore album and another movie songs cover album, a more traditional New Found Glory in “Not Without a Fight”, the band’s debut for Epitaph. Of note Mark Hoppus produced this record. A big comparison for the production of this record is Motion City Soundtrack’s “Commit This to Memory.” Some sporadic guitar that doesn’t always make sense but always sounds good is basically the main trait. The other thing Hoppus does well- he doesn’t over-produce. Lots of bands produce too much so it sounds like you’re listening in a tunnel because you’re just surrounded by everything. Hoppus’ barebones a lot of things- he just lets them be. There’s never been a New Found Glory album that’s sounded like “Not Without a Fight”. The other thing of note with “Not Without a Fight” is the dynamic between guitarist Chad Gilbert and Jordan Pundik. Everything before the band’s last album “Coming Home” Gilbert drove the songs and Jordan kept up. On “Coming Home” Jordan drove the songs and Gilbert kept up. On the new record it’s been reverted to Gilbert’s guitar powering the songs and then Jordan’s voice going along with those guitars. That’s the way that New Found Glory should be. It speaks a lot of both guys’- Gilbert comes up with some great guitar lines and Jordan’s ability to adapt and keep up with some of those guitars is almost insane. Overall this is a great album for New Found Glory fans. Song writing is some of the best stuff the band has done as a whole and the production by Hoppus was really the perfect fit. Three songs you’ll love- “Not Without a Fight”, “Don’t Let This Be the End”, and “Reasons. Great album.


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