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Love 45

Love 45

Amazingly, for such a young band, this is Love 45’s 4th album and follows on from the success of their ‘Seattle Sessions’ e.p. All previous efforts have been of the independent variety, limiting the band and ultimately holding back the obvious potential that lay within. This album is hence a noticeable step up in terms of the production budget and the resulting sound quality. Signed by Rock Ridge earlier in 2004 after huge Internet and local radio airplay, time has been an important factor in shaping this album. As a result only 5 new songs appear together with re-recordings of 7 others from the ‘Larger Than Life’ and ‘Seattle Sessions’ e.p. If you are a die hard local fanatic then this will be a little disappointing, but as a rock fan picking up on the buzz for the first time-something that is sure to happen as the publicity machine gets into gear-you’ll be none the wiser and this album cannot fail to impress.
3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson and Geoff Ott do a fine job producing this album, giving old favourites ‘Smile’ and ‘Don’t Ask Me’ a well needed kick up the backside with a fuller more rock less pop approach. Yet it is the new songs, in particular, ‘Way Down’ and ‘So Loud’ that offers a clue to the newfound song writing maturity within the band with their neat structures and tuned for radio melodies. Mick Shiver’s vocals have the necessary versatility to pull off the edgy accessible material ably accompanied by Paul Trinidad’s gritty guitar work. Make no bones about it this is as good a commercial alternative rock album as you are likely to hear. The lack of new material is a minor complaint from a band that has finally come of age.


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