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Lonely Road

It’s not nearly as good as “Don’t You Fake It”, but Red Jumpsuit’s new album “Lonely Road” does have its enduring qualities. The band really expanded outside of the pop punk sound. It’s still there; it’s just not as prevalent. Now Red Jumpsuit isn’t just a punk band with crossover potential, mostly they’re just a rock band. Best example of that is “You Better Pray” it doesn’t sound like anything that was on the band’s last album and really the guitars and the tempo of the song make it sound like Metallica. Robbie Winter’s voice makes it sound unique but that’s what it sounds like. There are lots of songs that still have that element of punk including “Represent”, “Pull Me Back”, “Pen & Paper” Other than that you’re left with a heavy dose of rock or a heavy dose of pop. “No Spell” leans pretty heavily in pop elements, as does “Believe” and the title track “Lonely Road” is an outstanding pop song. The melody throughout that song is outstanding and although the choir is a little ridiculous, overall it’s a great song. “You Better Pray” blends into the rock territory, as does “Pleads and Postcards” and “Step Right Up” (at least in the intro.) Basically Jumpsuit made itself a more diverse band with “Lonely Road.” They added on some new things that they couldn’t or didn’t do with the last album and they built on the things they did well. Not for everyone, but if you liked the last album you’re probably going to like this one too.


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