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The Fray

For the current state of music and the current state of the industry there’s never been a band more perfect for the state we’re in than the Fray. The Denver band can write songs that move their listeners. Sometimes it’s just a song on the radio, a song you downloaded, the whole album, or when it’s synchronized with TV and film. They cover that spectrum perfectly. With the band’s latest album, a self-titled album, the overall set of songs is exponentially better than “How to Save a Life”. This album feels complete. The band’s songwriting (which was already stellar) has gotten better. The production on this album sounds better and it sets a mood with the music, something that “How to Save a Life” suffered from in spots. In every way this album improved upon the last album but there is one disappointing thing, even though it’s not that disappointing, it’s more of a quirk. There’s not an album track on this album. One thru ten every song on this album is capable of being a single in some way. Where’s the three minute intro to a song? Where’s the seven minute song? Not here. It’s pretty evident that unintentional or not, all of these songs were made for licensing or made for being individual downloads. But in today’s music world, there are lots of bands that do that, the Fray just does it better than all of them. When a reviewer has to go into nitpicking an album because every song is capable of being a single, there’s not a lot wrong with the album. One of the most complete listens to come out in the past few months of big releases, “The Fray” will have at least two songs you’ll love and five or six you’ll like. It was figured that this would be good, but not this good.


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