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Sincerely, Wasting Away

Although as bands they’re not two bands that can be compared that well, a good talking point on Diffuser is Hoobastank. That is because both bands came out at roughly the same time and they both came out with an album at roughly the same time. The difference between the two is distinct. Hoobastank is one of the most established bands in the genre and anybody under the age of 20- there is a good chance you’ve never even heard of Diffuser. And that’s a huge shame, because these guys are good, and really this album is better than Hoobastank's new album. If they didn’t have the unfortunate luck of working with Hollywood at the beginning of this decade they would be Diffuser would have a lot different place in music. Tomas Costanza – the front man of Diffuser- is too talented of a song-writer to not be a huge name. And with this new Diffuser album; “Sincerely, Wasting Away” he really proves that. Diffuser is pop-punk but it has an alternative rock edge to it that’s never been equaled by bands trying to do the same thing. On the overall set of ‘Wasting Away’ that’s the general style of the album and when those songs perfect that alt rock/pop-punk sound they REALLY perfect it. The best example of that is “Caught in a Dull Moment”- it’s just a great song from start to finish and instead of a simple pop hook that lots of bands like Diffuser have- Costanza and co. bust out with this huge, booming rock chorus and it really doesn’t get any better than this. If you listen to that song it will be a top track in your playlist- I promise. Although there are a few boring moments here and there where things run together- Diffuser’s “Sincerely, Wasting Away” is an album that you should check out. It’s how pop-punk should be; not how it currently is with a lot of the same bands coming out with the same sound and the same pink socks.


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