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Franz Ferdinand’s “Tonight” probably isn’t going to signify the end of their dominance, especially in the UK. But it might do that here in the U.S. Big time critics were fans of the band when they were coming up a few years ago because loud guitars with simple melodies and trippy vocals were in back then. That phase has cooled off slightly in music, and Franz Ferdinand have gone away from it- about 70%. Their melodies are still fairly similar, and Alex Kapronos’ vocals still sound the same, but the band comes out with a ‘dancy’, pop record for their third album and it doesn’t necessarily work. It might estrange lots of people who liked their old sound and further more there’s a good chance that peoples’ perception of the band will change too. “Tonight” starts out with “Lucid Dreams” which sounds like “Take Me Out” with more bass and they never really let up from there. The best moment on the record comes with “Katherine Kiss Me”, an acoustic song that really feels like one of the true sincere moments on the album. There are places here and there where this album is likable but overall it comes off as a band that tried to experiment with what was current too much. Franz Ferdinand went away from what got them to the level they were at and probably what would have kept them there. You don’t want to say no one will like this, because lots of people will. But for fans of the band- a lot of people are going to feel estranged with this album due to the ‘dance’ factor in it, this album will either take off or come close to ruining Franz Ferdinand. There are likable elements, just not enough to overshadow a transition that probably shouldn’t have happened.


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