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You Me At Six

Take Off Your Colours

You may be forgiven for thinking that You Me At Six come from the other side of the Atlantic. Bright and breezy pop melodies intertwine with pop punk ideals, including fast guitar riffs and the all too familiar vocal refrains. In fact the band come from leafy Surrey in England. Think Fallout Boy meets New Found Glory and you won’t be far off getting what makes You Me At Six tick. ‘Gossip’ and opener ‘The Truth Is A Terrible Thing’ all echo the aforementioned bands, however there is a rough edge that separates You Me At Six from their glossy luminaries (although truth be told some of the originals sounded better). ‘Call That A Comeback’ is a warts and all song that exemplifies an album that has an under-produced live feel that shouts “British”. First single ‘Jealous Minds Think Alike’ on first listen is reminiscent of Fall Out Boy vocally; catchy and relatively heavy it acts as a focal point for the album as a whole.

‘Take Off Your Colours’ is a promising debut album and for a British punk band their sound was always likely to undergo a metamorphosis in an effort to become more mainstream. A happy medium has been reached with an Americanized sound that retains some of the bands gritty origins.


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