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Alone II The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo

The first Rivers Cuomo B-sides type set 'Alone" was a collection of coarsely made songs by Cuomo that were either demos, covers, or songs that might have been too personal to appear on a Weezer record. That's what "Alone II" is, but "Alone II" is actually about twice as good as the first set because of the material on it. The raw production is still there and so are the quirky short songs, but there's also some definite sustenance to the album with songs like “Walt Disney” and “Can’t Stop Partying”. These are songs with some great hooks and would have made great Weezer songs, they just didn't get a chance to go that way. There's also a cover of “Don’t Worry Baby” that's interesting to hear Rivers' twist on the song. That's what this is though; this is another set of Rivers Cuomo's unreleased material that deserves to be listened to. Don't be surprised if a third one of these pops up, because there's a lot of good stuff here, but this isn't something that couldn't have been bundled with the last 'Alone' record. It's interesting to hear these songs and try to pick Rivers Cuomo's brain. Who is strangely one of the most interesting people in music probably ever that nobody can figure out why. But you're not really going to delve too deep into that. Basically if you like Rivers' style of writing music for Weezer there's a chance you're going to like this and if you liked the first Alone record you're really going to like this.


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