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We All Need a Reason to Believe

It's getting more and more rare these days to find a pop punk band with a more straightforward approach to their material. Guys that write songs with hooks and a lot of the same traits as other bands doing it today, but bands that don't stray too far away from the rock territory. New Found Glory started it, Cartel has done a pretty good job following them and now you enter Valencia. A band from Philadelphia that doesn't do anything different than either of those bands but a band that makes some pretty good music. You see, where there's so much focus on synths and other add-ins to the pop punk genre these days, it's nice when a band is just a good band that can write songs that are catchy, melodic, and not brainless. And better yet it's nice when the band records those songs in a way that turns out into something that's pretty enjoyable to listen to and that's what Valencia did on their Columbia Records debut “We All Need a Reason to Believe”. There are some great songs on this album, some not to ignore include “Better Be Prepared”, “Safe to Say”, and “Carry On”, but overall the record itself is decent. The drumming on the album from Maxim Soria is stellar like it's been in the past when I've heard stuff from these guys. But the overall added in production pushes this record over the top into the excellent material range. Let's not lie to ourselves, Valencia's not going to become the next big thing, at least I don't think so, but they're a great band that made a couple of good records and has the potential to make a lot more because they're still fairly young. For fans of good punk bands with pop added into it like Midtown, The Starting Line, Cartel, and New Found Glory this is for you and it shouldn't be ignored because you're probably going to dig it.


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