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Follie a Deux

Fall Out Boy’s latest “Follie A Deux” does a lot of what the most recent All-American Rejects album did. It meshes the bands debut with it’s sophomore album perfectly (we’re only counting the Island stuff- sorry guys.) Trapt did this during the Summer too- we should call it the rule of the third album. “Follie a Deux” has it’s ups and downs. There are some great songs on the album- “Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes” follows the trend of good opening songs from Fall Out Boy that set the tone for the rest of the record. “I Don’t Care” sounds like the band took listening to Michael Jackson with John Mayer too much this summer, but it’s still a fun song. And “What a Catch Donnie” is in the top three Fall Out Boy songs from their four records. Still the band can stray too far from what they do best- especially on songs like ‘w.a.m.s.” and their most recent single “America’s Suitehearts.” There are hooks there- they’re just not as good as they can be. I liked “From Under the Cork Tree” a lot, I liked “Infinity on High” to an extent, and this record sits in between those two on terms of how I’d rank them. It’s interesting to listen to where these guys go from having a huge song like “Sugar, We’re Going Down”, as much as some people don’t like their stuff they do have a lot of artistic direction. It takes guts from a band with their type of roots in punk to work with Babyface on the last record and then Pharrell on this record. It speaks volumes of the genre borders they blur with Pete Wentz’s ability to write good music and Patrick Stumps amazing voice. This is a fun album with definite peaks, but it also has it’s moments in the middle where it can get boring. That said, if you like catchy pop music twisted with some rock (basically Fall Out Boy) you’ll like this record.


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