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Step Rockets

Future Nature EP

I’m a big believer in Step Rockets. There have been very few bands to come out over the past couple of years to command my attention like that group has and they’ve done it with strictly single releases. Now, with the help of Harbour Records they’re getting a chance to see what they can do with their Future Natures EP. It’s a six song EP that features a few of the singles that the band has released up to this point and a couple of new songs too. If you haven’t picked up on Step Rockets yet then now is as good of a time to start as any with this EP. Featuring “West Coast”, “Kisser”, “Phantom Flower”, “Love is Just a Chemical”, “Turning Tides (By Your Side)”, and “Chances” – all six of these songs are tremendous. It’s impossible to rank them in any certain order because they’re all great songs. Joshua Schmidt sings perfectly on every track on this EP and the rest of the group more than hold their own too. Every song is produced to perfection and they’re all potential singles. For an EP to introduce a band, I’m not sure that I’ve heard a better one than this one. Step Rockets pushes all the right buttons on their new EP, let’s hope they push all of the right ones pushing it too. This is music for the masses and they need to hear it.


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