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Imaginary Numbers

The latest release from The Maine comes in the form of an acoustic EP named Imaginary Numbers. The new EP features five new songs from the band that all focus on song writing, piano, and vocalist John O’Callaghan.

The new EP isn’t a big stretch for the band based on what they’ve been for the past few years. They’ve shifted their music to what’s inspired them with each album they’ve put out and they’ve always managed to write solid material. The songs on Imaginary Numbers are perfect enough for this EP that you can’t really think of these songs as fully fleshed-out productions. They wouldn’t be nearly as good or as passionate as they are acoustically. Sometimes focus need to be placed on lyrics, and that’s what The Maine did here. That’s not to say that there’s little to no instrumentation on this record, there’s actually a lot of piano work and secondary percussion to go along with acoustic guitar that’s used throughout the EP to accent O’Callaghan’s voice.

I don’t really have a complaint when it comes to Imaginary Numbers. It’s not a spectacular release that you need to listen to now, but it’s not bad. These five songs work great in the acoustic environment and The Maine works great acoustically too.


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