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Direct Hits

The Killers get their greatest hits release in the form of Direct Hits. The album covers all of the highlights from the band’s four albums and includes a few new songs and bonus tracks at the end. All of the relevant Killers songs are here including “All These Things That I Have Done,” “Spaceman,” “Mr. Brightside,” and “When You Were Young.” The only odd thing about the release is that “Mr. Brightside” is the first song on the album while “Somebody Told Me” comes in second. “Somebody Told Me” was the band’s first single release and the song that put them on the map. It’s true that “Mr. Brightside” is probably the superior song and the song that put them over the top, but “Somebody Told Me” was that first push for the band. That’s the only thing that’s out of the ordinary with the release, everything else is by the numbers. The bonus songs at the end of the album are really what’s relevant with the release. The five songs at the end of album include three new songs, a remix, and a demo. The three new songs include “Shot At The Night,” “Just Another Girl,” and “Be Still.” They’re all great songs and they’d fit well on a normal album, they’re not just throw-ins that are included on a greatest hits release. In addition to that, there’s a remix to “When You Were Young” that’s almost terrible and a really cool demo version of “Mr. Brightside.” Going through this release, The Killers’ Direct Hits isn’t a necessary release but it’s worth going through the songs at the end of the album to see if there’s anything necessary. It would have been cool to get a few more extras with this release, but as-is it’s a decent listen if you don’t want to take ten seconds and make a playlist or if you don’t own the albums.


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