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Home | Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions

The Dirty Heads are back with an acoustic record filled with new music and a couple of rough acoustic cuts of old songs in Home | Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions. This twelve song set is the typical Dirty Heads album from start to finish. It’s melodic and care-free and it’s as good to listen to on a hot summer day as it is to listen to it inside when you were wishing it was. The downer of the record is that these songs aren’t nearly as good as they were on Cabin by the Sea. Some of them are on par with that quality, but some of these songs can definitely be considered as B-sides. That’s not to say that this album still isn’t great, because it most definitely is. This style of record fits them better than any studio record really could. The Dirty Heads are supposed to sound organic and acoustic. That’s why this new record sounds so right. Studio sessions are great, but really that should be reserved for bands that actually need it. The Heads don’t. If this featured a better batch of songs, then this would be over the top amazing. As is right now - it’s just really good.


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