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Strange Talk

Strange Talk EP

Another band to come out of Australia, Strange Talk finds itself in a crowded indie pop genre. To be fair, the band has been around for a few years and their debut album has been out since February, so they’re not exactly new to the scene but that doesn’t mean their situation is going to change.

This genre of music that Foster The People brought to the mainstream in 2010 is still finding it’s way. Some of it is great, some of it’s not but it’s definitely popular right now. The problem with the genre isn’t the quality of the music, it’s the lack of variety that’s in it. At the heart of it is always some good synth programming and a pop/dance rhythm, on the surface are a good set of melodies with some quirky lyrics. Most of these bands also have two different types of songs- the standard indie song with production that’s relatively simple and then the full blown dance song. A few bands have a couple of tracks that mix those two.

Why am I talking about a genre of music when reviewing a band? It’s because Strange Talk couldn’t be more of a prototypical indie pop band on their new EP. There’s little here that you haven’t heard and they follow the pattern described to the letter. They have a song called “Eskimo Boy”, that’s as quirky as it gets, and the rest of the EP fits the description too. If Strange Talk has a positive it’s that lead singer Stephen Docker has a very cool voice and can write a decent hook. Past that, you’d just like to see them try something different.

Strange Talk will have a tough time making it here in the U.S. With enough money behind a project, anything can happen, but I still don’t see this happening. They’re a decent band but they don’t have a great single and radio play doesn’t break a band like it used to anyway. Moreover Wind-Up has decided to rerelease an EP from a band that’s had an album come out since February. Most of the people that want this already have it. It’s called the world wide web, it’s not a local thing. The pattern that worked when CDs were bought and sold six years ago doesn’t work anymore. Give this a listen on Spotify or another streaming service, they’re worth a shot but there isn’t enough here to make them memorable.


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