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Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington

High Rise

While STP's unceremonious firing of Scott Weiland might not have been much of a surprise, the remaining members' subsequent collaboration with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington certainly was. The result of that collaboration, however, doesn't sound nearly as odd as it did on paper. Bennington surely doesn't have the kind of charisma Weiland did (who would?) but otherwise he slips into the role surprisingly well. While it was wise to bill this as "Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington," the music is still thoroughly, unmistakably STP (something that couldn't always be said of their 2010 comeback album with Weiland). It's a short collection of tracks that flies by in just over 16 minutes, but the songs are all fairly catchy and well-constructed, and the band sounds appropriately re-energized. Time will tell if this partnership actually sticks, but this EP is a solid start.

Best cuts: "Out Of Time," "Black Heart"


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