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Alter Bridge just released their new album Fortress and it’s easily one of the best releases so far this year. The album is a great comeback and it’s filled with epic riffs and high and clean vocal ranges from Myles Kennedy. Listening through the album, it doesn’t have a weak moment. The album kicks off with one of the best songs in the band’s catalogue “Cry Of Achilles.” It’s a terrific example of Mark Tremonti offering his virtuosity and proving why he’s been one of the best guitarists of the past two decades. The first riff comes off as an example of how you can blend progressive guitar notes with the force and heaviness of the modern music.

The more you listen to the album the more you fall in love with it. “Lover” is a slow \ and a nostalgic song. Myles sings “ If you deny the wounds of your lover you will discover That what you had is shattered and wasted Did you have to take it so far? ” I think this song is perfect as a second single. Some of the songs off the new record remind me some parts off of Tremonti’s solo album. The album wraps up with another handful of killer songs, giving you the Alter Bridge trademark sound we are used to, “Farther Than The Stream” is probably one of the heaviest songs, while “Fortress” with its 7:36 runtime is the longest track on the record. Overall, the new Alter Bridge album is one of their best, and it will continue to push the band into working as long as they want to.


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