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Brand New Machine

The Devil Made Me Do It

One listen to Dallas outfits major label debut will have you reaching for your time capsule desperate to travel back to the late eighties American glam metal scene when bands like Motley Crue, Ratt and Guns and Roses ruled the airwaves. Offering a modern take on these bands, mainly through Ryan Greene’s superb production, Brand New Machine illustrate that when done with confident cocksure verve and a high level of talent there’s ample room for this genre of music to co-exist alongside other genres. Unsurprisingly the band features guitarist Michael Thomas who’s impressive cv includes Faster Pussy Cat, Bang Tango, Beautiful Creatures and Adler’s Appetite and his guitar histrionics together with the vocal roar of Brantley Thomas give the sleaze party rock of ‘Here I Am’, ‘Girls Like You’ or ‘Always On The Run’ the necessary eighties authenticity. Elsewhere the frenetic title track and the straight up rock and roll of ‘Lettin It Roll’ provide the reality of a seedy bar room or strip club without being forced or contrived. Indeed that’s pretty much the theme that runs through to the closing raunchy sweat dowsed ‘Let Me Go’ on an album that proves without doubt that you can mix modern ideals with an oft ridiculed genre and still come up with something classy without being entirely original


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