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Kids In Glass Houses


Since ‘Dirt’ broke Kids in Glasses back in 2010 it’s been a question of evolving, taking their sound away from the comfortable familiarity of bands that bordered the river Taff and finding their own identity. It’s meant a steady move away from the punk tinged hard rock that saw them living in the shadows of their Welsh kissing cousins and into the more sophisticated pop territory. To this end they could be considered to be Cardiff’s answer to Fall Out Boy who has similarly redefined there sound on their latest album ‘Save Rock and Roll’. However that’s really doing Kids In Glass Houses a disservice as ‘Peace’ is everything that album isn’t. Quite simply put, this- alongside Deaf Havana’s immense ‘Old Souls’- represents one of the finest pop rock albums released this year. Sing along tunes resplendent with hooks melody and delivered by the excellent ever vibrant Aled Phillips totally vindicate the change in direction.

The foot stomping ‘The Runaways’, the catchy ‘Set My Body Free’ with its inventive horn section and chant led chorus have chart potential and that’s before we even get around to the brilliant first single ‘Drive’. This album is packed full of potential hits from start to finish; the chiming ‘Novocaine’, the melodic gloss of ‘Storm Chasers’ or the power pop sheen of ‘Up All Night’ or ‘Black Cloud’, take your pick. We had a taste of what was to come on ‘In Gold Blood’ where a toe was dipped in the waters of pure pop music, but this takes the whole experiment up to a new level with sharper production better songs and a rabid self-belief that this is the direction that the band want to go. With ten tracks of the most glorious melodic pop rock that you are likely to hear ‘Kids in Glass Houses’ hasn’t just upped the ante with ‘Peace’ it has blown it into oblivion.


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