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Spreading Rumours

Spreading Rumours is Grouplove’s second release for Atlantic and it has them building on the music that they made with Never Trust a Happy Song. They’re a little more confident this time around and they’re free to make and record pretty much whatever they want to. That’s why Spreading Rumors is a bit of an odd listen when you listen to it all the way through, but it’s also a big reason why these guys are so fun. The music is best when Grouplove is firmly planted in the realm of strange.

Yes, this is weird, but it’s also really good. “Borderlines and Aliens” is a great first example. The lyrics and the melody are beyond strange, but the introduction to the song and the guitar work on the track features some amazing guitar work with an outstanding old-school vibe. Not just that, there are plenty of other fitting examples too. “Hippy Hill,” “Beans on My Pizza” and “School Boy” all show how different and fun Grouplove are. “School Boy” in particular was a personal favorite, the intro and the melody throughout the song and then the sudden stop at the end make it a memorable spot on the album.

Spreading Rumours is distinctly Grouplove. It features multiple vocals from the band’s outstanding group of musicians - including more from Hannah Hooper - and the band’s style and flare that only they can pull off. It doesn’t take long for some bands to find their identity and their own distinct sound, but I’ve never seen it happen this fast and this deep as it has with the band. Grouplove firmly plants their feet in strange and they're better for it. The new album is an odd and eclectic mix of a variety of styles and voices.


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