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Fading West EP

It’s not exactly a full-blown release but Switchfoot’s Fading West Single/EP will have fans excited about the upcoming film/album combo. Judging just by the first song and the actual first single from Fading West, Who We Are, this is going to be a different album for Switchfoot. That song is fairly modern but it also has it’s own production flare that Jon Foreman can implement better than anyone. The other two songs on the EP are also solid songs, but they’re also slightly different from “Who We Are.” “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight” is the standard Switchfoot song, but it’s also one of their better ones. “Ba55” sounds like it could be placed at the end of the album when it comes. It sounds like a perfect closing track.

It’s hard to say that this Fading West EP is a preview of things to come on the album. Honestly, I’m expecting this Switchfoot album to be all over the place because it goes along with the film. It might not be a preview, but at the very least this EP is a solid warm up for January when the album is slated to be released.


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