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Locked and Loaded

Eve to Adam’s new album Locked & Loaded is their best work, by far. It’s not even close to compare this record to anything the band has done in the past. Yes, it loses some steam towards the end of the record, but that’s the only thing wrong with a terrific mainstream rock album that should immediately make fans of the genre notice Eve to Adam.

Locked & Loaded has Eve to Adam working with a number of different quality talent in the mainstream rock world. Shinedown’s Eric Bass, helps the band out on the record as does Elvis Baskette and Dave Bassett. Working with those guys immediately made the songs on L&L that much better, but that’s not what most people will immediately like about the record. The production is excellent. They didn’t filter it too much to make it sound to fake, but they polished it just enough to make it sound like the big budget album it is. The guitars aren’t too hot, the drums accompany but never drive, and Taki Sassaris’ vocal is captured here better than it ever has been before. This is a record that’s been written extremely well, but it’s been produced better.

Locked & Loaded should see Eve to Adam climb the mainstream rock charts. There’s been bands that aren’t half as talented do it recently so there’s no reason that these guys can’t get it done. Whoever is working radio for the band needs to just pick a song from the first six songs of the record and run with it. This is a great mainstream rock record, here’s hoping Eve to Adam and Locked & Loaded gets the attention that it deserves.


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