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We As Human

We As Human

Latest band to be given the Howard Benson conveyor belt makeover is north Idaho’s We As Human who, with a leg up from Skillet’s John Cooper after the band’s road manager did a stint for Skillet and a demo managed to make its way into his hands, got signed to Atlantic when Cooper sufficiently impressed persuaded Atlantic to work with them. With Cooper’s input-indeed the album is released by Atlantic via Cooper’s own imprint-the band has succeeded in coming up with an album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the standard bearers of the modern rock genre. Anyone with a penchant for bands such as Emphatic, Red, Tooth and Nail outfit Nine Lashes or Skillet themselves will find plenty to get excited about. From the pulse pounding rock single ‘Strike Back’ through to e.p reworks ‘Sever’ and ‘Dead Man’ it’s crunching yet melodic. Featuring mainly clean vocals with the rare excursion into a fervent growl as on ‘Take The Bullets Away’, featuring ex Flyleaf singer Lacy Sturm, or the aggressive ‘Zombie’ with John Cooper himself aiding the proceedings, We As Human’s major label debut is a triumph for songwriting flair and unbridled musicianship. ‘We Fall Apart, one of several Scott Stevens (The Exies) co-writes is a brilliant piece of emotive pop, whilst the Papa roach-like ‘Taking Life’ exemplifies everything good in this genre of music. Add to that the hook laden ‘Let Me Drown’ or the rumbling one two sucker punch of ‘Bring To Life’ and you’ve got an album that, although a tad short at thirty five minutes, successfully marries overt aggression to melody overload and that’s a winning combination in my book.


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