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Lost & Found EP

busbee and Ben West are both critically acclaimed songwriters. Recently, a hit they wrote, “Try” was recorded by Pink and became a smash-hit for the pop star. The attention has been great for the duo and now they’re recording and releasing their own music under the moniker of GoNorthToGoSouth. They just put out a brand new EP titled, Lost & Found. It’s slightly disappointing that one of their songs that’s found it’s way online, “I’m Coming Home” isn’t on the EP, but there are still six great songs on this EP to listen through.

What comes to mind first with GoNorthToGoSouth’s Lost & Found EP is how different each song is from the next. GNTGS recorded “Try” for the EP and it sounds like a cross between brit-pop and rockabilly with a modern twist. It sounds completely different than the Pink version. It doesn’t just sound different because of the obvious vocal difference, but because the production is more stripped and the song has a very natural feel. The first song on the EP is called “I Got Today,” and that song is a lot like “I’m Coming Home.” Then there’s the old-school synth inspired “Turn It Up” that sounds like a really good Tears For Fears song. “I Found Me” is a pop song that has a cool international/world music vibe to it. “Get Lost” isn’t the best song on the EP, but it still has some fun elements. Finally, “Only One For Me” has a style that’s similar to “Try” in production. It’s stripped-down and organic and it’s just a tremendous song.

GoNorthToGoSouth’s Lost & Found EP is a must for people who are fans of song writing. busbee and West are damn good and this EP is the proof. There are six songs here that were written about as good as they could have been and recorded to fit busbee and West’s wide-ranging style. Pick this up and listen if you’re up for hearing some good music.


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