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Bad Blood

Bastille’s debut album is all about dramatic effect. There are moments on the band’s debut, Bad Blood that sound more like a big movie score written by Danny Elfman than another alternative pop record. The album isn’t limited to that, there are ups and downs and moments leading in and out of the record that ebb and flow perfectly. Bad Blood is an album that plays like a movie, and that’s one of the many reasons to appreciate it.

The album comes right out of the gates with “Pompeii,” a song written by frontman Dan Smith based on the imagery he thought of with the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. He used the imagery of the people left after the eruption; still and covered and in ash- having a conversation. It’s a very dramatic and inspiring way to start an album. From there, the album carries on with “Things We Lost in the Fire” and “Bad Blood” and the songs just move on from one to the next perfectly. The album is an experience all the way from “Pompeii” to “Laura Palmer” and beyond and it’s a big thanks to Smith’s writing style and the overall production of the record.

Bastille’s Bad Blood is an amazing record. Dan Smith’s brand of dramatic flare is as unique as it is enjoyable to listen to. Bad Blood is a must pick up and a candidate for album of the year.


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