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The 1975

The 1975 released several EPs leading up to their debut album. They decided to do things that way because the EPs were a better way for fans to grasp the material that was going to be on their debut album. It was an approach with good intentions, and all of those EPs have some great music on them. But they also have some pretty big holes. Mainly, there just wasn’t enough music on them. Regardless, the EP run is over and The 1975 have now released their self-titled debut album. Whether you took the time to check out those EPs or not, you should pick up this album, there’s plenty of great music here.

The 1975 is fronted by Matthew Healy and it’s Healy that will immediately get your attention. His vocal style is one of a kind. It’s bouncy and smooth and it’s also hard to understand, but that’s not really a problem. Healy’s vocals are so cool and his style is so fun to listen to that you won’t really mind if you can understand every word or not. Alongside of Healy, The 1975’s heavy duty synth mastery set them apart from bands that are similar. There are bands out there that are doing similar things right now- using beats and synths that are fairly similar to a lot of 80’s music; but not very many of them are doing it better than The 1975. Listen to “The City,” “Heart Out,” “Talk,” “Settle Down,” and “Girls” - then you’ll realize just how good these guys are. They’re still capable of more than that too, they’ve proven they can write great pop songs (see “Chocolate.”) And they’ve proven that they can provide the nuances and lead-ins to make an album feel complete; listen to “Is There Someone Who Can Watch You.”

I’m not a huge fan of the EP lead-in to this debut album from The 1975. And I despise “M.O.N.E.Y.” - It’s a jarring experience early on in the record and it’s just awful. I am huge fan of The 1975’s debut album however. Healy and co. delivered on an album that’s fun and addictive and one that will surely find it’s way to being a consistent listen for lots of people through the rest of 2013.


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