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They’re from all over the country, but the band American Authors came together in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. Each member of the band plays more than one instrument and they all have roles in writing music. They’re an amazing band and they’ve already been all over the airwaves already thanks to TV placement and radio picking up on a couple of the band’s single releases. The band’s debut release, their self-titled EP, came out this week via Island/Def Jam.

The new EP is only five songs deep but there are five very different songs on the release. There’s a little bit of everything. There’s indie-pop, straightforward pop, alternative, alt-rock, and classic rock. They’re all over the place so the EP never gets boring. The only criticism I have of it likely comes from my familiarity with two of the songs; “Best Day” and “Believer.” These are two great songs, but they come across a little differently after the thousandth time that you’ve heard them. There’s nothing wrong with the melody or the instrumentation. The problem with the song is that it’s a little too perfect for things like radio play and sync licensing. To me, the songs don’t have a big ability to establish a connection with the listener and they just don’t come across as personal as the other three songs. Those two are songs that everybody’s heard on the EP, but what people haven’t heard yet is what’s really good. The song “Luck” for instance; that’s the most real song on the EP and it’s something relatable. It has the ability to make the connection where the two singles fall somewhat short. Another solid song on the EP is the classic rock influenced “Home.” It’s a mini American Authors opera and it’s the perfect way to finish of the EP.

American Authors is a band that will hopefully be around for a long time. The music is ridiculously good. “Believer” and “Best Day” are fun pop songs, but the other three songs have American Authors coming off as the legitimate group that they are.


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