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Produced by Gavin Brown, Royal Teeth’s new album, Glow is sonically one of the best albums that you’re likely to hear this year. This album is as good as anything that Brown has produced and the textures are plush and rich - perfect for what Royal Teeth does well with their dual vocalists and rich harmonies. Glow is sonically brilliant and Royal Teeth show that they have a lot of talent. Almost every member of the band plays more than one instrument and they all have a ton of range. Especially dual vocalists Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson. The band is filled with competent and inspired artists. That’s great. But there’s a problem with the overall scope of Royal Teeth. They don’t use their dual vocalists as well as they could; they don’t use Nora Patterson nearly as much as they should, and as unique and enjoyable as Gary Larsen’s voice is, Patterson’s voice is just as good and she should be used more than she is. The potential for Royal Teeth to become a mainstay in pop and alternative music is there, they just need to shore a few things up. That said, if they work with Gavin Brown again after having another two years of experience behind them... look out.


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