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Animals EP

Ryan Star’s new EP, Animals is a preview to an album that’s to come out in the first quarter of next year. The music comes from a time in Star’s career where he’s more excited about creating new music than anything else. That shows on the new album. The music is real and authentic and it’s at a creative point that Star honestly hasn’t been before. 11:59 was good, but it fit the time when it came out. It fit the multiple-producer, all-in to make a hit mentality. It didn’t necessarily fit Star perfectly, this does.

Animals was recorded with Star’s normal touring band and that automatically gives it that authentic feeling. Star singing about real life experiences from song to song helps too. It’s not that 11:59 didn’t have real musicians or Star singing about stuff that’s not real; it’s just that the whole thing felt like a production and that isn’t necessarily Star’s strong suit.

Animals is good because of the five songs on the EP. “Bullet” is a peaks-and-valleys track that has some amazing moments. F*ck’n Up is the most real song that Star has ever released. If you listen to that song, you feel like you know a few things about him. “The World I Used To Know” is bound to be a fan favorite because of the addictive melody and because of how well it merges everything Star did up to this point to what he’s working on now. “Impossible” can be described best as the sister song to “Stay Awhile” and it’s the logical choice for a first single. “My Life With You” is a lot like F*ck’n Up, it’s real and you think you know something about Star when it’s finished.

Animals is Star’s best work to date. It’s an exceptional five song EP and it surpasses 11:59 in every way. I’m excited about the album and what’s to come with it..


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