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Matt Nathanson

Last of the Great Pretenders

Matt Nathanson gets what he does well at this point. He’s now three records into his Vanguard deal and the turning point of his success. He’s found this great balance between a thematic cinema influenced sound and catchy pop melodies. It’s earned him a huge following and a run that a lot of other solo artists envy. The third album from Nathanson with Vanguard, Last of The Great Pretenders is notably different from his first two.

Some Mad Hope had Nathanson adding only a few tricks to what he did in the past with Universal. Modern Love had Nathanson taking cue from Jason Mraz to try and find his niche in the breezy singer/songwriter genre (while balancing some of the Some Made Hope traits.) This album is all about Matt Nathanson and what he does well- that movie influenced dramatic pop that thrives on moments. He gets them right on this album over and over again. The album is filled with these beautifully intense foot-tapping moments. Out of the eleven songs on this record there are probably eight songs that follow that road that Nathanson started with “Car Crash” and “Come On Get Higher.” Vanguard got spoiled with this album, this record is filled with hits. But they’re not phoney - “lets write a hit song!” - songs they’re all genuine. Everybody wins with this album. Nathanson, vanguard, and music fans.

The production, the song writing, and Nathanson making his perfect album are all great reasons to pick up Last Of The Great Pretenders. The music speaks for itself and Nathason has delivered his third amazing album in a row.


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