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Saints of Valory

Possibilities EP

Saints of Valory are another band that’s had a ton of potential. Their song “Neon Eyes” appeared a while ago and instantly they were getting attention from all over the place. That attention eventually led to a deal with Atlantic Records and the first release that’s led to is this new EP, The Possibilities EP.

The new EP is a four song release that features four outstanding tracks. “Long Time Coming” is a clear standout track that tons of people have been loving. “Kids” is another older song, but it’s probably the weakest song on the EP. Then “Back Up” has a great melody and some very cool instrumentation that’s comparable to “Neon Eyes.” By the way, “Neon Eyes” is on this release as well and it’s still an amazing song. It’s been remixed and polished slightly but the core of the song remains the same.

Saints of Valory has a ton of potential but this year will determine what they can do. They have to be able to be out on the road and they have to earn some quality slots opening up for other bands. Their current run of playing with Fitz and the Tantrums is a nice start but now they need to build on that and see how far they can go. This EP is definitely a nice start, and we can’t wait to hear the album.


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