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Twenty One Rooms

The new album from NGBHRS, Twenty One Rooms is awesome. The band’s intense blues-infused rock comes to the forefront on this eleven song album with far more hits than misses. The eerie sounding album is set in tone by the band recording at The William Cullen Bryant Homestead in New York but there’s a lot more to this album than that.

Frontman Ian Kennfy absolutely kills this record. He has a very cool blend of deliveries on this record. Sometimes he’s smooth like an old jazz singer, then he turns it on and he’s absolutely ferocious. He croons, he wails, he screams,and he’s just really good. He’s an insane force on this record. Seriously, just listen to “Beneath The Raging Sun.”

Ian Kenny is really great on Twenty One Rooms but he’s backed by some amazing bass and guitar work on this album that make this record how good it is. Bassist Eric Vivelo is the primary reason that the album has the eerie vibe that it does and guitarist Tommy Fleischmann most of his work on this album is outstanding and he’s a clear highlight. I feel bad for leaving out Jordan Schneider on drums, because he’s really good too. These songs aren’t overly easy to set up, and he does all the songs on this album perfectly.

Twenty One Rooms is an exciting foray into the unknown by NGHBRS. It bounces all around the place with musical styles and moods. Basically, it’s a great rock record and worthy of your attention. Go listen, like now.


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