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Midnight Cinema

Midnight Cinema EP

Midnight Cinema is a Thriving Ivory offshoot. A few years ago, everybody thought that Thriving Ivory’s success was a given. That didn’t happen,relationships strained and then what’s left is a fractured situation that left vocalist Clayton Stroope, guitarist Drew Cribley, and drummer Paul Niedermier ending what was Thriving Ivory and uniting under a new name, Midnight Cinema.

Midnight Cinema was formed a while ago but recently they’ve just released their first EP, of course titled the Midnight Cinema EP. The release set has five songs that the trio wrote with a few different writers, mainly Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fermin. The result is an outstanding EP that’s five songs strong and has a ton of potential for people to really latch on to. “Hurricane” is a bit like the old stuff the band did with Thriving Ivory, and while it’s a decent song, it’s not nearly as good as the rest of the EP. “Holding My Breath,” “Burn Me Now” and “Crazy Beautiful” are all tremendous tracks with “Crazy Beautiful” having potential that’s off the charts. That song can skyrocket this band to success they didn’t get with Thriving Ivory, it’s certifiably addictive.

Midnight Cinema’s new EP is a great first chapter. It might be better than Thriving Ivory’s Through Yourself And Back Again. There’s a solid amount of variety and the songs are all really good. This might lead to an album. It might lead to another EP. Or it might lead to a slew of single releases. No matter what it leads to, Midnight Cinemas new EP is outstanding.


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