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Green River Ordinance

Chasing Down The Wind EP

The guys in Green River Ordinance were going to go in a country direction after all of the success that their song “Dancing Shoes” had. That was to be expected. They did that part of the way with Under Fire, and now they’ve done that even more with their Chasing Down The Wind EP. Where Under Fire mixed in some rock and pop elements with that country style, Chasing Down The Wind is almost strictly a country EP.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to come out and knock Green River Ordinance’s rustic sound. I like it, and they’ve perfected it on the new EP. But the one thing that this release lacks that the last three GRO releases have had is diversity. I enjoy all three facets of the band’s sound and I really enjoy listening to the albums flow seamlessly between all the different things they can do. Chasing Down The Wind doesn’t have that.

What the EP doesn’t have is forgivable, that’s mainly because of what it does have. The guys in GRO have grown exponentially as songwriters over the years, they’re even better on this EP. These seven songs are arguably the best written songs that Green River Ordinance has put out both lyrically and musically, and that’s what makes this EP a must listen.

There’s not a lot to rock out to on Chasing Down The Wind, in fact there’s nothing to rock out to, but there is plenty of music to enjoy and some outstanding song crafting to marvel at. If you’re a Green River Ordinance fan, you should immediately give this a listen. You’re probably not going to love it as much as their last two albums, but you’ll still appreciate it for what it is.


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