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Not Tonight Josephine

Common Gold EP

Not Tonight Josephine have pushed through a tumultuous time filled with lineup changes and tour drama to put together one of their most impressive releases with the Common Gold EP. Simply put, this version of Not Tonight Josephine could be the best iteration of the band.

The new lineup of Not Tonight Josephine features Danny Garry on vocals, Evan Foley on bass, Scott Valina on guitar, and Randy Ayers on drums. The new version of the band is more aggressive and far heavier than anything the band has done up to this point. Garry in particular is impressive on this new EP. He showcases an uncanny ability to scream and sing melodically and the two different styles that he harnesses balance perfectly with one another. To go along with Garry’s vocals, the production by James Paul Wisner is highly enjoyable on this new EP. He helped the band track the best guitars that they’ve ever had and the one-two punch between the outstanding new vocals and the production deliver some amazing results with this EP.

Not Tonight Josephine did something wise with the new version of the band. They adapted and evolved into something that can be expanded upon and something more than the standard mainstream rock. This EP highlights the new version of the band and it will be exciting to see where they go from here.


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