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The Mowglis

Waiting For The Dawn

The Mowgli’s will make you smile, on their new album Waiting For The Dawn, they’ll do that but they’ll also make you think of hippie circles and a new version of the Dave Matthews Band.

Waiting For The Dawn showcases what we found out on the band’s Love’s Not Dead EP, the Mowgli’s are all about fun, love, good times, catchy songs and huge harmonies. As it turns out on their new album, they’re about accent sounds, singles, and songs with plenty of room to add and change in a live environment. It’s all of that room that ends up being so great with Waiting For The Dawn. These moments come off effortlessly and flawlessly and the different instrumentation helps fill the gaps extremely well. This is done so well that it’s comparable to the band that does it the best; of course Dave Matthews Band. I’d be lying if there wasn’t some dull moments on the record, but I’d also be lying if I said that the number of great songs far outweighs any small amount of dull that’s on this new album.

Waiting For The Dawn is a great debut. I’m hoping we see and hear more from this band in the future but with a group with so many members; it’s hard to see them not going through enough drama to do them in. That doesn’t matter, no matter what happens from here the debut album will stay with enough people to make them remember The Mowgli’s


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