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Capital Cities

In a Tidal Wave of Mystery

The debut album from Capital Cities, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery showcases the duo’s formidable beat skills. There are electronic groups out there, but as far as the electronic pop genre goes, Capital Cities is on the elite tier.

In A Tidal Wave of Mystery opens up with the hit “Safe and Sound.” The song is months old but hasn’t worn out it’s welcome yet, and it will continue to pick up more and more attention over the next month or so. After “Safe and Sound” the album moves on decently to “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast” and a song that’s been floating around out there or awhile now, “Kangaroo Court.” After the opening three songs the album really starts coming into it’s own with all kinds of unique beats and hooks- (even lazy hooks) and the odd molds with the melodic to make an album that turns out to be a terrific twelve song listen. Personal favorites include the nonsensical “Farrah Fawcett Hair” feat. Andrew 3000 and the most melodic song on the album, “I Sold My Bell, But Not My Stereo.”

The lead up to this album’s release has been decent with a single campaign performing excellently and an EP doing the job that it was supposed to do. Capital Cities delivered an album that’s fast moving and fun.


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