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The new Jimmy Eat World, produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of The Stone Age) sees the band returning to their roots with more rock and less rhythm than 2010’s Chase This Light or 2012’s Invented. Damage is the superior album to both Chase This Light and Invented in every single way. The guitar is ridiculously good this entire album, as are Jim Adkins lyrics. But it’s that rhythm paired with Johannes’ superior job with the overall vibe of the record that makes this album so good.

Jimmy Eat World is another band that shouldn’t be following today’s music trends. They should be off doing their own thing, and on Damage they’re doing just that. This album is like Jimmy Eat World before Bleed America this is Jimmy Eat World right when “Lucky Denver Mint” hit and there are two or three songs on this album that are close to that one. That’s what this Jimmy Eat World album is, it’s the old Jimmy Eat World sound with new and more reflective lyrics by Adkins. The final product is an amazing album that will be an immediate favorite of Jimmy Eat World fans and a worthwhile discovery for people interested in an album experience.


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