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The Sun Comes Out Tonight

If 2010's The Trouble with Angels brought some of Filter's mid-'90s industrial aggression back to their sound, much of The Sun Comes Out Tonight takes the formula and beats you over the head with it. Lead single "What Do You Say" sounds like the band's breakout 1995 hit "Hey Man, Nice Shot" beefed up and repackaged for 2013, while "Self Inflicted" sounds like "What Do You Say" repackaged for the second half of the album. Elsewhere, tracks like "Burn It" and "Take That Knife Out Of My Back" are Filter on autopilot, the kind of Pro-Tooled angst rock Richard Patrick (with new right-hand man Jonny Radtke) can write on the drive to the studio.

Even welcome detours like "Surprise" and "First You Break It" seem like calculated rewrites of "Take a Picture," though they still hold up fairly well on their own. The only true surprise here is penultimate track "It's My Time," a stark, haunting piano ballad that perfectly showcases Patrick's rich and engaging vocals, which remain Filter's key weapon. Otherwise, The Sun Comes Out Tonight is probably Filter's safest and most predictable album yet, even if it still wields a few good moments.
Best cuts: "We Hate It When You Get What You Want," "Surprise," "It's My Time"


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