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Secondhand Rapture

MS MR’s debut album from Columbia, Secondhand Rapture dropped recently and although it has more than a few highlights it has a few problems too. It’s too long for it’s own good and like a lot of other releases, the album tracks just don’t stick with you the way they should.

MS MR is a terrific duo. With vocals by Lizzy Plapinger and production by Max Hershenow, the pairing works on a number of different levels. Hershenow’s production is outstanding; that much is clear on Secondhand Rapture. Plapinger’s vocals are amazing too. The two work together and mesh and mold perfectly to create some dreamy pop music. The songs they’ve come up with are also pretty outstanding, especially at the front of the album, they do struggle a bit at the end to keep the listener involved, but overall- that’s not a problem.

The main problem with MS MR is that everything meshes and molds a little too well. Nothing is distinct enough to stand out. Hershenow’s production should be utilized more without Plapinger’s vocals on top of it and that same production should accent and lean on Plapinger’s vocals instead of blending in with them too much. There’s some decent music here, just enough of it isn’t distinct. In addition to that, there’s also a problem with this album running a bit too long. Ten songs is more than enough for MS MR, anything other than that just seems unnecessary.

Secondhand Rapture is a solid debut from the duo, the music isn’t quite what I’m betting it will be in a year or two, but it borders excellence and it has a ton of potential. This will find a niche audience and we’ll hope for this to continue to grow and build.


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