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Kodaline EP

Kodaline’s new EP, aptly titled The Kodaline EP features a few different versions at the different retailers. The iTunes version is probably the best version to get because it includes “High Hopes”; but no matter what version you get you’re up for some great music from Kodaline.

On these 4-5 songs vocalist Stephen Garrigan delivers an intensely heartfelt vocal that’s unique. In a way, it’s like a growly croon. It’s distinct and it’s what makes Kodaline work. Also making Kodaline go are some great songs on this EP. This five song EP is a preview for the album to come in June and if the song writing is any indication to what’s on the album, then we’re in for a fantastic set of music.

If Kodaline does have a problem it’s repetition. Some of these songs are too similar to others and there’s not enough moments like “High Hopes” on the EP. I’m betting that won’t be a problem on the album, but with this EP they’re somewhat one-dimensional even if that single dimension ends up being pretty good.

Kodaline’s new EP will capture an audience. It’s got our attention, and so did their recent trek across the U.S. Look for Kodaline to do great things in 2013 and beyond.


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