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I Won't Follow

Featuring four songs, Secret Someones debut, the I Won’t Follow EP isn’t as much of an introduction as it is a passing hello. That said, that passing greeting will be one that should stick with you for a long time because the latest signing on Cherrytree/Interscope has the potential to explode to a level that we haven’t heard since 2006.

Featuring Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler, and Lelia Broussard on vocals Secret Someones isn’t an all-girl group (Zach Jones contributes drums for the group) but the uniqueness of their lineup is a clear strength. On the songs that are on this four song EP, the strong female vocals on each track are awesome, but even better than that – when they harmonize in the chorus – its pure audio bliss. Secret Someones won’t be a secret for long… they’re too good to be.

As for this EP – it’s not really fair to call it an EP. It’s more of an extended single. There are two versions of the same song – an acoustic and a normal version of “I Won’t Follow.” There’s also a Nirvana cover and one more original song on this four song EP. It’s a short and sweet introduction to the group, but it’s one that you’re likely to remember. That said, I’d prefer to get five original songs than two, a cover, and an acoustic.


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