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The Next Mainstream Rock Staple - Red Line Chemistry


Alternative Addiction caught up with Red Line Chemistry's Brett Ditgen about the band's new album "Tug of War" and the band's battle to stay upbeat in the difficult world of rock.

The new Red Line Chemistry album just came out and the Kansas City road warriors are back with another strong set of music produced by Nick Raskulinecz. The album, Tug Of War sees the most diverse set of music that the band has made yet, boasting a strong mix of hard rock songs and melodic tracks that mix together perfectly. Catching up with the band to talk about the new record and what the next step up for RLC can be, vocalist Brett Ditgen first addressed the new album with AA.

“We titled the album Tug of War because of the dynamic between the songs,” said Ditgen. “We felt like we had half of a record that was hard, heavy, and big. Then the other half is melodic and epic; there’s a Pink Floyd cover on here that we’ve done live for so long, we wanted to get that out there too. There are a lot of different influences going into the songs, we definitely explored with some different things. We’re happy with the dynamic and the way that the album feels. We feel strong about the material all the way through the entire record. We hope everybody gets the chance to find the songs that they like. The singles aren’t always the ones that end up being the favorites; it’s nice when people come up to you and every one says they have a different one” added the Red Line Chemistry singer.

The band’s last album Dying for a Living saw Red Line Chemistry earning some major victories. They saw some success at radio and the video for the single, “Dumb Luck” won both fan and critical praise. The band had earned what it sought for so long; national attention. The end game of course being able to continue doing what the love. We asked Ditgen what the next step is for RLC. He said it’s simply what the band has been so good at for the past decade; getting out there and playing shows.

“It’s time to be nonstop touring again We’ve been kind of sitting around doing this record for a while. There’s a lot of places we need to get back to and there’s a lot of ground to cover in new places too. We feel confident in the new album. We feel like we’re coming in to our own with this one and it’s the biggest record that we’ve done. We’re ready to get out there and get in front of more people.”

“Rock isn’t easy,” stated a defiantly upbeat Ditgen. “There are so many bands and there are so many ways for people to get music. To keep people’s attention and get exposure, that’s difficult. But maintaining forward movement despite letdowns is what’s tough. The highs are extremely high and the lows are extremely low and the five of us are doing the best we can to stay positive and not take anything for granted. It’s easy in low times to let yourself feel that you’re not good enough and question things, but you just have to stick to your guns and maintain a good attitude. You just manage what you can and sometimes you have to remind yourself to enjoy everything.

“In this industry you get a lot of no’s. Nothing gets handed to you. You have to make it through adversity. If it were easy, anybody could do it. We’re still chugging away and hoping to continue climbing and get to the next level where we can become one of those staple bands in active rock.”

If they don’t get there, it’s not for lack of trying. Red Line Chemistry’s Tug of War is out now.

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