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Nashville Made Parade of Lights Feel Electric


PoL frontman Ryan Daly talked with AA and explained everything we needed to know about the band's debut LP and how Nashville helped shape the album.

With "Feeling Electric", Parade of Lights has made an album that’s fun and entrancing and sure to be one of our favorites of 2015. Catching up with the group’s frontman Ryan Daly, he explained to Alternative Addiction everything we needed to know about the band’s debut LP – starting with the album title.

“It just made a lot of sense,” explained Daly. “It wasn’t a plan to make it that. The song was already written and titled. It was just one of those things that worked out. It’s very fitting because when we were in Nashville recording the album we were excited to be there. There’s a lot going on in that city and everyone is really nice and engaging. Between our excitement and the city, I guess we were feeling electric.”

Recording the album in Nashville was a drastic change for the band. They’ve never really recorded anything outside of their native Los Angeles and the other side of the country definitely qualified as being out of their comfort zone.

“It was a different process, that’s for sure,” said Daly. “We did all of the songs that weren’t on the EP in Nashville. We had some festival shows around Nashville and some other stuff going on around there too. Touring was going to be the focus, then we shifted gears and everyone decided to do a record so we had to change our plans. We couldn’t just cancel those festival shows, so our manager gave us the idea to stay in Nashville and do the record. We were in driving distance of all of the shows. Because we recorded out there the music turned out differently, we were in a completely new place for us.”

Being in a new setting making a record shouldn’t produce that drastic of a change and that might be true for Parade of Lights, but because the band was out of their element they did things that usually weren’t a part of their original process. The title track of the album, “Feeling Electric” is indicative of Parade of Lights doing something new in Nashville – starting with the way it was written.

“Feeling Electric was a three chord idea that I had on my laptop in the back of the van while we were touring. I came up with a sliver of that idea back then for the song. I filed it for later and we forgot about it for a while. Then when we were working on the album, we stumbled across it on a hard drive and thought it was cool and we started working on it. There’s a six month gap between working on that song – that’s something new for us.

“Then recording it, the Gospel singers came in. If we were in L.A. we wouldn’t have worked with gospel singers. It was an idea that we had in the middle of the song and it came to fruition because of our connections out there. That was the thing that made the song special I think, it came out really cool and I’m really happy with it. A lot of little circumstances like that changed our pattern of thinking while we were finishing the album.”

Parade of Lights doesn’t sound dramatically different from their debut EP on this new album. The core sound that we’ve latched on to is still there and those four songs are featured prominently on this album. That said, there is a bit of a different feel on the rest of the record. The songs that were recorded in Nashville have little nuances to them that the four EP songs don’t have. The drums sound a bit different, there’s some piano, and there’s also the gospel choir on “Feeling Electric”. Parade of Lights is still a synth-based band – and that’s how a lot of the music was created in the studio. But with “Feeling Electric” they learned what else they’re capable of– something that’s bound to be stretched even further as the band continues on.

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