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Collective Soul Planning Live Album and New Album in 2013?


Wrapping Up the Dosage Tour with Collective Soul, guitarist Dean Roland says the band could release a live album with recordings from their most recent run of shows. In addition to the live album possibility, Roland says the band is in the planning phases of another album.

Now that the Dosage Tour from Collective Soul has wrapped up the reviews have all been compiled and the reactions to the show have generally been positive. Playing their 1999 release, Dosage in its entirety turned out to be memorable for the band and for their fans. There were a few complaints, but overall the shows were a successful venture for Collective Soul. Everyone in the band is pleased with how things turned out, guitarist Dean Roland is in that group.

“I really didn’t know what to expect because we hadn’t toured in almost two years,” said the younger Roland. “Playing ‘Dosage’ was something different for us, some of those songs we’d never played life before. It was a challenge.”

The challenge was lived up to by the band; people in attendance could see that, especially if they went to the shows in the middle or towards the end of the tour. The people who went on the first few dates got a great experience, but Dean says the band really found their groove towards the middle of the tour.

“The first shows we were a little shaky trying to figure out what the vibe was. We had to find that. I feel like we locked it in the last couple of weeks of the tour. It’s nice when that happens and you don’t think about it anymore. It just flows.”

Since there was no opening band on the tour, the concerts were split in half. During the second part of the show, the Atlanta-based group played a selection of their hits. The first half of the show was dedicated to playing Dosage. Hearing the band play the album tracks off the 1999 release might have been the best part of the show. At the Boulder, CO show we attended, the band drilled “Not the One.” Dean said that he and the rest of the band were proud of how they were performing that song by the end of the tour.

“That’s one of the songs that we were really shaky with in the beginning. There’s a little bit of guitar, a really simple little piano part, there’s all these little simple parts but you have to find their right place. That one turned out to be a lot of fun.”

The band’s adventure with one of their most cherished albums is over, now they’ll be doing a few different odds and ends throughout the summer. They’ll travel up to Canada to play some shows and they’ll possibly do some dates in South America too. But after the summer is over the band is talking about making another record.

“September and October, somewhere in there- we’ll get back into the studio and at least start that process,” said Roland.

As for Collective Soul fans who want a little more from this tour to hold onto other than a ticket stub or an over-21 wristband, Roland says they’re trying to figure out what they’ll release- if anything- as far as a live album.

“We’ve been recording every show so far. We’ve got all of them documented. We just need to figure it out. We’ll go back and listen to everything and see what we want to release, whether that is just from one show or the best of each city. We feel really good about a couple of the songs in Boulder and a couple in Chicago, and more than a few others too.”

For Collective Soul updates, you can follow them on Twitter @CollectiveSoul and you can find them on Facebook,

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