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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Starring: Harrison Ford, John Boyega
Directed by: J.J. Abrams
The Force Awakens is a welcome chapter in the Star Wars saga. It has the tone and flow of what we wish Episodes I, II, and III had.

After acquiring Marvel, Disney surprised us again two years later when they purchased Star Wars from George Lucas. It was a brilliant move by Disney and one that they saw pay off almost immediately with the release of the first film under the brand, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Most impressively with the whole process is that Disney made a movie that would cater to fans of the first three movies made in the 70s and their first and primary objective in making the film was to make a movie that Star Wars fans would love. Judging from their $1,000,000,000+ worldwide box office intake, they succeeded in their goal.
Years after the rebels took down the empire, a new threat rose up to the Universe – The New Order, led by Kylo Ren, the new threat might be worse than the old one. They’ve got a bigger weapon and their tactics are even more ruthless and evil than the empire’s. New faces and familiar ones come together with Episode VII to make Star Wars fans ecstatic. I don’t want to dive too deep into the plot even though almost everyone has seen it, but I will tell you that it’s excellent.

Honestly, I loved everything about The Force Awakens. The visual effects were superb. The casting choices were all but perfect. Choosing JJ Abrahams to direct the movie was the perfect choice too. The script was perfect, and really everything was spot-on how it should be. If there’s anything that I didn’t really like it was Adam Driver being picked as Kylo Ren. He’s more than a capable actor and he did a decent job, but he doesn’t really look the part. He looks nothing like who his parents are supposed to be and with his mask off, he’s not an imposing villain. He acted well. I’ll give him that, I’m just not so sure that the part was perfect for him. That’s the only small quip I have with The Force Awakens and I really only have a 40% problem with that decision. Parts of his performance I really enjoyed, I just wasn’t crazy about the character or the casting choice.

With the movie coming out on Digital HD it’s important to note that most of the time the extras of the movie come bundled with the digital copy. It’s accessible in Disney Movies Anywhere, and their also accessible on an iOS device and on an Apple TV. Apple TV is really the best option with digital content, so that’s how we’re reviewing Episode VII.

The coolest extras that are included on the Digital HD version of the movie include an in-depth look at making the film. There’s also a couple of cool interviews in that feature. There’s also a very cool table read, and a few different features on crafting some of the movie’s best special effects and scenes. There are even a few deleted scenes.

The Force Awakens is a welcome chapter in the Star Wars saga. It has the tone and flow of what we wish Episodes I, II, and III had. Abrams was great and the story was written brilliantly. The biggest movie of 2015 and probably 2016 is this one. I’m pumped to see the next Episode and how it unfolds.

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