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Starring: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm
Directed by: Kyle Balda
Going back to the beginning...

After the success of the little yellow pill-shaped dudes in Despicable Me, the minions had a bigger role in Despicable Me 2. Then after the success of the characters in that movie, they were destined to get their own movie. With Minions the strange little yellow guys get an origin story that takes place in the 60s and has them joining the ranks of one Skarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).

Our journey with the minions starts out with a backstory. We see the minions aiding a caveman, Napoleon, Dracula, and other baddies. Eventually we see them in the arctic without a master and the desperate times call for a search party to go find one. Three of the minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stuwart set out to Villain-Con to find the ultimate bad guy to lead them and the rest of their crew.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been torn on the minions. Part of me thinks they’re hilarious and another part of me is suffering from minion fatigue after being bombarded by them for the past six years. This movie didn’t really change that opinion. While there were parts here and there that were laugh out loud moments of the film, there’s also a lot of really long, boring, moments of Minions that don’t connect. They either ramp up to something funny that’s not, or the punchline is a weird 60s psychedelic reference that misses the mark too. There are lots of laughs with Minions and there’s a lot of fun too, but there’s also a story that drags on far too long and one that takes way too many detours. The start of the movie where there’s the backstory with Napoleon, the caveman, and Dracula is hilarious and it’s used well. The problem is that right after they do all of that stuff, they can show them meeting Gru and then move on to a completely different story that could have been done a lot better.

The digital version of Minions features a thirty second deleted scene, three mini movies, and the minions singing jingle bells. It’s an entertaining batch of extras that kids will love.

Kids will love Minions and that’s what matters. A large chunk of parents is suffering from minion fatigue and that’s okay. Even if they are a little obnoxious, they also have a lot of funny moments too. Minions is a movie your kids will watch over and over again, hopefully they’ll only make parents watch it with them a smaller percentage of the time.

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