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Toy Story That Time Forgot

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen
Directed by: Steve Purcell
Reptillus to the MAX

In another TV short from Pixar, Woody & Buzz are back with Bonnie playing and having fun like kids and toys are known to do. This time though, it’s Bonnie’s toy triceratops Trixie’s time to shine as Bonnie takes her along as the star in a playdate with her friend Mason.

When Bonnie travels to her friend Mason’s house, she sees that he got spoiled for Christmas. He got a bunch of new toys to play with. The primary things that Mason got for Christmas; a video game console and a complete set of Battlesuars. Trixie, always looking for a fellow dinosaur to play with, is thrilled. Except when Bonnie abandons her toys in the play room to watch Lewis run his videogame system. It’s here that we see the Dino--Warriors under the impression that they’re actually real. It’s the same dilemma that Buzz was in with the first movie. The best warrior in the set is Reptillus Maximus and he takes a shining to Trixie. Trixie finds her place in the set while helping Woody and Buzz foil an evil plot.

With Toy Story That Time Forgot the real star is Kristen Schaal, the voice of Trixie. Schaal has done a ton of voice work in recent years working on shows like Gravity Falls and Bob’s Burgers. She’s also a great comedic actress with shows like Flight of the Conchords and Last Man on Earth as credits. She’s always hilarious and as Trixie she’s great. Her voice is perfect in the cartoon setting as the pet dinosaur and she makes Trixie into the lovable character she is. Of course, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are great too, but Schaal and Kevin McKidd as the voice of Reptillus Maximus are the two voices that steal the show with their characters.

Toy Story That Time Forgot launches into first place in the Toy Story TV short category thanks in large part to the writing. The story is fun and the Battlesaurs are a fun group of characters that are worthy of being explored a bit more. The story’s not quite worth a full feature length film, but it’s still a cool story that’s worth exploring.

Toy Story That Time Forgot comes with a few bonus features including the opening theme song for the fictional Battlesaurs show, a feature on developing Reptillus Maximus, deleted scenes, and a director’s commentary.

Toy Story That Time Forgot is another great short from Pixar. I’d love to see Monsters Inc. get a chance to thrive in the environment, or even the duo from Up. I think there’s some potential to explore a few characters outside of the Toy Story world and I think that’s something that Pixar should look into more.

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