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AA Interview: Dock Watch Hollow


(Part Two)

AA: U.F.O. is the single for you guys, first with the song, what can you tell us about writing it and getting it recorded?

DWH: Schuyler wrote the song UFO last year in a 10-minute brainstorm of existential ideas about the world lol. He took about 10-20 minutes of just spitting out lyrics and playing chords on the guitar to write the full song. Getting it recorded with Doug was so much fun, we did a lot of guitar layering and coming up with really cool guitar tones and all. Shoutout Savan for being our pedalboard buddy on that EP.

AA: With the vide, what was the process of making it and what did you enjoy about it the most?

DWH: The video for UFO was actually a lot more fun to make than it probably seemed haha. It was based on Andy Warhol's screen test videos he used to make. Our friend Joe Reyes from New York Film Academy shot and edited the video for us. He does great work. You can find some of his other videos on YouTube at ThoseNewMovies.

AA: We also love the song “Happy Acciendent” – do you guys have plans to do a video for that song?

DWH: Thanks for love on Happy Accident! We don't actually plan on doing a video for that song. "The Deed" is all B-Side tracks that didn't make it to the full length we are recording in 2018. So, if you like that, hopefully, you are in for a treat with the full record!

AA: What’s the story behind writing the song?

DWH: Coming back from his negative experience at school, Schuyler had a perfect vision of what his home life would be, but it also had its difficulties when the time came. Happy Accident is about realizing that every situation and every place has its imperfections and flaws. Hence the cliché of "the grass is always greener on the other side."

AA: What are your guys’ plans in 2018?

DWH: 2018 we are aiming to have a huge year for us. We are recording our first full-length record of 10 songs now in February at Nada Recording Studios with Producer John Naclerio and is being co-engineered between Mr. Naclerio and Eric Castillo. We will be there for 21 days of recording and hope to be able to show the world soon this awesome LP that we have been going insane for working on it. Like we said in the beginning of this interview, our drummer Benn left DWH for personal reasons, and our best friend Brandon Straight quickly came in to save the record in terms of drums and learned all the songs in 2 weeks before recording. We also are attempting to plan an East Coast US tour for the fall of 2018.

AA: Thanks for chatting today guys, best of luck moving forward!

DWH: Thanks for having us, Ryan!

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